Our Builders Guild facilitates the construction of homes consistent with the development and design goals established for the Village at Madison. The Guild is comprised of builders, architects, designers, craftspeople, and artisans who share a common belief that quality of design and craftsmanship are integral components of creating superior environments for people to live, work and play. The Guild focuses its efforts on establishing the highest possible standards of quality for design, craftsmanship, and customer service.

Each of our builders are seasoned local professionals with experience in traditional neighborhood developments (TNDs).  In addition, they are each well versed in the architectural requirements and design goals of the Village at Madison. Home buyers will have the opportunity to choose a builder from our Guild; we guarantee that each will provide the highest possible customer satisfaction during their construction experience.

Residential Home Building Process

Home buyers purchase a home/select lot through our Builders Guild only.


  1. Home buyer chooses a builder and works with builder to select a lot/home design.
  2. Home buyer gives builder a deposit.
  3. Builder engages architect to create customized construction drawings.
  4. Before beginning construction, builder will close on lot sale with developer.

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